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Frequently Asked Questions

Describe the Heavenly InSoles Experience
 Our product can be described in a variety of ways. Some describe it as “walking on a gently massaging bubble.” It’s a sensation that lasts the full day. In the beginning, it might feel a bit unusual. That’s the power of science working for you. Give them a try and experience the Heavenly Insoles experience for yourself!  

Will they always feel so unusual?

In approximately 30 minutes, your body will acclimate to the change. Your balance will be enhanced and your hips and back will begin to align. After a few days, you won’t even want to walk without them. 

Does the sizing align with typically American shoe sizes? 

The sizes are based on the American Shoe Size standards system, However, as no two feet are entirely the same, you are welcome trim the product at the toe area to ensure a custom fit. Please note that you should not trim the width or the heel region as these areas of the product contain a pocket of liquid glycerin. If you find the width to be too large, you may wish to decrease to the next size down. 

Is the Liquid Glycerin filling Safe?

The filling for our Heavenly InSoles is specially formulated to be non-toxic  and it is FDA-approved.

Are they intended to be worn all day?

In the beginning, you should give your body time to adjust. Try wearing them for two hours if you will be walking a lot. Work your way up to 8 hours or more, gradually. As the product provides a gentle, constant massaging stimulation, you might experience some tingling or even a slight amount of soreness. This is to be expected. Just know that these sensations will dissipate and they are merely a signal to you that the product is working to create great improvements in your health and well-being.

Are They Machine Washable?

Yes! You can wash them in the machine or by hand with a mild cleansing agent, however, please air dry them only. The heat from a dryer can shrink the product and damage the liquid glycerin filling.

Will they work in any shoe?

Yes! Heavenly InSoles are formulated to be thin and discreet, allowing you the ability to wear them in practically any shoe; even flip flops! Ladies will find them to be a life-saver in their stilettos and men will equally enjoy them in their golf or bowling shoes. 

Can They Be Worn for Sports?

For most low-impact sporting activities, this product will work perfectly to provide comfort, stability and support. It is not recommended that you engage in high impact or endurance sports until your body has fully adjusted to them. 

How do I place them in my shoe?

The unique design of the product maximizes comfort by placing the textured side on the bottom of the shoe, allowing you to walk on a smooth, comfortable surface.